U.S. Cellular, showing confidence that the carrier provides consumers with the best value plans in wireless communications, has released a guarantee of offering a better wireless plan compared to those of rivals AT&T and Verizon or it will be giving customers a $50 promo card.

Both individual customers and businesses can take their bill as charged by AT&T or Verizon to any retail store of U.S. Cellular. If the retail store is not able to offer a plan that is better than what the customer is getting from AT&T or Verizon, then the customer will get a $50 promo card.

The company is confident that it offers the best-valued shared data plans which cater to a wide range of the needs of consumes, and U.S. Cellular took one more step and place a guarantee on that claim, according to U.S. Cellular VP of marketing Joe Settimi.

Settimi believes that the carrier provides customers with an experience that is second to none, due to the combination of unbeatable plans and a high-quality network which provides subscribers with nationwide coverage, along with access to the best devices.

For consumers to be qualified for U.S. Cellular's guarantee, they would have to switch their mobile number from AT&T or Verizon into one of the Shared Connect plans of U.S. Cellular that features installment pricing. According to the company, the guarantee applies only to the monthly recurring price plan.

With the $0 down, 0% APR installment of U.S. Cellular, customers that are qualified will pay taxes for a new device at the retail store and will then make payments for 20 months that are added to the customer's bill. The subscribers can then choose to upgrade devices as soon as 12 months after by trading the device in for a new model, or decide to pay the remaining balance of the device at any time.

On top of the guarantee that U.S. Cellular has made, the carrier has also started to offer an unlimited contract payoff that covers the early termination charges and remaining balances on devices for customers from a rival service.

Subscribers that choose to port their mobile number to U.S. Cellular from another carrier will have to select a Shared Connect plan that features installment pricing with Device Protection+ and turn in their device in working condition to avail the offer. After sending U.S. Cellular the bill that they received that includes the early termination charge and remaining balance on the device from another carrier, U.S. Cellular will send the customer with a prepaid debit card containing the stated amount in the final bill.

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