Anyone In The World Can Now Use Facebook Messenger Without A Facebook Account


Last month, Facebook announced that users in the United States, Canada, Peru and Venezuela no longer required an account to be able to use Facebook Messenger.

And now David Marcus from the Messenger team announced that the separation between the messaging platform and social network has expanded globally.

Anyone in the world can use the service without having a Facebook account, by logging in using their full name and phone number. Users will see an option asks, "Not on Facebook?" on the welcome screen of the Messenger app. After entering in their name, number and adding a photo, non-Facebook users will now be able to fully take advantage of the messaging app.

It is still suggested that people log in with their Facebook account, but no pressure — you have options.

The decision to launch the Messenger log-in option comes as Facebook reaches out to more global users. The ability to use the platform without having an account may entice more people in developing countries who have mobile phones to send and receive online payments. The company rolled out person-to-person payments in Messenger to all users in the U.S. earlier this month.

By adding debit card information, Messenger users can send money direct from their checking account to the bank accounts of friends and family. Users just tap on the dollar icon below the conversation and type the amount of money they wish to send in order to make the mobile payment transaction. It usually takes three days for recipients to receive the funds in their account.

The company is further expanding its Messenger app by looking at ways for third-party developers to use the platform to offer content and information. It's still unknown what new features Facebook plans to integrate with these developers, but it will be the first time the company makes the mobile platform not just Facebook-exclusive. 

According to the most recent available numbers from May, the Messenger app has over 600 million monthly active users.

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