Help Stephen Colbert Escape From A Magical Cabinet In This Free Text Adventure Game


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert doesn't start for another two months, but it looks like the team is already hard at work crafting comedy gold.

Look no further than the Escape from the Man-Sized Cabinet game playable on the official Late Show with Stephen Colbert website. It's an old-school text-based adventure game that has Colbert getting trapped within a cabinet in his office, only to discover a magical, Narnia-like land filled with wonder inside. And jokes. Lots of jokes.

In true text adventure fashion, players can kill Colbert in the first minute if they aren't careful. Pro tip: do not wait in the cabinet for 16 hours. Nobody is coming to save you. You will, I repeat, you will die of starvation.

If you do manage to make it in magical cabinet land, you will first find a majestic centaur sleeping in a forest grove. The game gives you a few options: A. sneak past the centaur, B. awaken the centaur (literally) or C. awaken the centaur (euphemism).

Try to sneak past the centaur and this is what the game says:

"You tip-toe past the centaur, who was also snoozing at the exact edge of the forest. A lovingly crafted centaur, full of important content that you missed. It's almost as if talking to the centaur is a huge part of the game."

Continue sneaking and the centaur will wake up anyway. It only gets zanier from there as Colbert must confront the evil that has come to plague the land. The game gives players the illusion of choice, but all roads really lead to the same destination. But when the journey is this hilarious (and free), there isn't much room to complain.

You can play the game for yourself here.

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