Spotify has touted a couple of different playlist-generating tools in the past couple of weeks alone, but the streaming service has now announced another that it says delivers its "best-ever recommendations" - and, unlike some of its similar forays into playlist building, this one is built right into the app.

Called "Discover Weekly," the new feature generates a two-hour-long playlist each Monday that Spotify says is tailored specifically for you. To accomplish that, Spotify's algorithm takes into account both what you've been listening to in the past week, and what other people with a similar taste in music have been listening to. Or more specifically, "what others are playlisting and listening to around the songs you love," as Spotify explains in a blog post. The resulting playlists promise a mix of "deep cuts and new discoveries." 

According to the company, the feature should soon be available to everyone, with the Discover Weekly playlist appearing at the top of folks' playlist folder on all their devices. Naturally, Spotify says that the recommendations will get better the more you use it, and you'll be able to share the playlists and save them for offline listening.

Via Engadget

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