'Fear The Walking Dead': First Look At New, Different Zombies


A while back, we learned that the zombies on AMC's Fear the Walking Dead will look very different from those seen on the flagship series. Where The Walking Dead's "walkers" are heavily decayed, Fear rewinds the timeline to the very beginning of the zombie outbreak. So logic dictates that Fear's undead, being "younger" or fresher zombies, shouldn't be so decomposed.

That's the approach being taken by special makeup effects guru Greg Nicotero, who's overseen the rotted flesh of The Walking Dead's zombies since the very first episode. For Fear the Walking Dead, Nicotero and his team have come up with a completely different look for the new show's walkers.

By the way, zombies on Fear the Walking Dead won't be known as "walkers." That's a term used almost exclusively by the group lead by Rick Grimes. Others have used different names, such as the residents of Woodbury referring to them as "biters."

AMC has released new images of the zombies from Fear, so you can see for yourself how different they are. Fans should find them to be much less disgusting than the walkers from Walking Dead. At least for the time being.

Compare that with this new image of an extremely decayed (and extremely gross) walker from Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

Since Fear intends to eventually catch up to the timeframe of its sister show, viewers can expect the new series' zombies to likely catch up in appearance as well.

Fear the Walking Dead debuts Aug. 23.

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