Every Pokemon trainer's — excuse me — fan's — dream is to have a real-live, working Pokedex in the palm of his or her hand in order to get all the stats on a Pokemon at a moment's notice, especially before a battle. However, you might already have a Pokedex in your home and not even realize it.

The Amazon Echo, Amazon's smart home device that connects to the cloud-based voice service Alexa to let users check the weather, get sports scores and control smart objects like a thermostat, can apparently also double as a Pokedex. A YouTube user by the name of Vince Pale Jr. posted a video Monday that shows him asking Alexa to "ask Dexter" about all different kinds of Pokemon, from Pikachu to Growlith to Totodile. Alexa immediately responds to each inquiry with information about each Pokemon, such as the creature's height, weight and special abilities, as if it was really always intended to be a used as a Pokedex.

The "Dexter" Vince Pale Jr. refers to in the video is an Android-based Pokedex app, according to Mashable, which is probably what he's using to get the Poke-info. According to his description for the video, Vince Pale Jr. used AWS Lambda from Amazon Web Services, which runs code from the cloud.

Of course, this Amazon Echo Pokedex is quite different from the red Gameboy-like handheld device we know and love from the Pokemon franchise on which trainers had to type. With its voice command capabilities, the Amazon Echo finally brings the Pokedex into the 21st century.

Check out the Amazon Echo Pokedex in action in the video below.

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