Do you have fond memories of homey afternoons spent on the couch with Nintendo's cherished Gameboy and its blocky form lying reassuringly solid in your hands?

Now imagine coupling the design and feel of this classic gadget with all the perks of modern smartphone technology. The result of this holy union would be the Smart Boy. Amazing designer Pierre Cerveau has done the impossible yet again and just dreamed up this aptly named superstar, fusing the best of the old and new worlds.

Cerveau, always up for a challenge, really dove into the task, fitting his smartphone-skinny brainchild with power-saving 8-bit mode (so all the gaming won't drain the battery too quickly) and of course a 'Game Bat' controller. You would naturally be able to play all your Nintendo favorites on this unique smartphone fusion. Boring meetings and classes just became so much more bearable, in our imagination at least, because at this point, the imaginary world is the only one the Smart Boy exists in.

As far-fetched as this concept may seem at first glance, really, why not finally properly merge gaming and connectivity? Work and play all in one handy device while making a design statement to boot. It would allow us to be all grown up while honoring the inner child. What's not to like about that?

Nintendo hasn't so far made any real move to enter the smartphone market. However it did announce earlier this year that it would soon - in partnership with DeNa - offer a selection of its games for Android and iOS to be played on smartphones and tablets.

Sadly, so far the glorious Smart Boy itself though is nothing more than a meticulously thought out idea that is unlikely to see the light of day. Who knows though, maybe Nintendo can be persuaded to dream big enough, make all of us Nintendo lovers happy and help this Smart Boy dream of ours become a reality? We may always hope and dream!

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