Users are complaining about experiencing disc-reading problems on their PlayStation 4, which is said to have been caused by the latest system update that Sony rolled out early in the month.

Software update 2.55, which Sony said will make improvements to the stability of the gaming console's software, may have actually added a problem to the PlayStation 4 with the console suddenly failing to read discs.

The problem reportedly occurs when the PlayStation 4, in rest mode, is awakened by the user opening the disc tray and then popping the disc in.

If you are one of the users experiencing such a problem, here a few things that you can try to fix the PlayStation 4 disc-reading issue.

Check the disc

While the problem has been connected by users mostly to the latest software update, there is still a possibility that the disc itself is the problem. Users should check the disc that they are loading into the PlayStation 4 for any marks such as scratches and fingerprints. These discs should be replaced as they can cause damage to the PlayStation 4. For dust particles, users can wipe them off using a microfiber cloth or blow them away using an air blower.

Restart the PlayStation 4

Restarting the PlayStation 4 is not to simply put the gaming console sleep and then wake it up. Users should shut down the PlayStation 4 completely, and then wait for about a minute before turning it back on again. Certain users have reported that doing this has fixed the disc-reading problems that they were experiencing, and seems to be the fastest way to get around the issue. However, for gamers that keep on switching discs as they play a lot of games, having to completely restart their PlayStation 4 consoles several times could prove to be very tedious.

Rebuild the PlayStation 4's database

Another option for gamers is to rebuild the database of the PlayStation 4, which is a process that is similar to defragging on the PC. The PlayStation 4 should be completely shut down and its power cord unplugged. The cord should then be plugged in, and then the power button should be held down until the console emits a second beep. This would put the PlayStation 4 in Safe Mode, with the fifth option in the menu the one to be selected to rebuild the database. The process could take quite a bit of time, and the PlayStation 4 should not be turned off during the process.

For gamers that are still experiencing disc-reading problems after these suggestions, you may simply have to wait for Sony to release the next software update, and hopefully that will fix things instead of adding problems to the gaming console.

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