Sony and Activision may have already partnered to bring the world one limited edition Destiny PlayStation 4 bundle, but almost exactly a year later, gamers who have yet to take the plunge into Bungie's sci-fi shooter will now have the perfect opportunity to do so.

A new, limited edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle is coming on Sept. 15, and it's a beauty. Like the previous Destiny console bundle, this system will be white and will come with a white PS4 controller. This isn't the same console, however. This particular PS4 is Destiny-branded, with the logo etched in gold alongside the top and features a map of Destiny's cosmos on the console's surface. A golden Guardian's Crest adorns the center.

It's a beautiful system, but the sheer value of this package is what's really worth getting excited about. The bundle will come with the physical edition of Destiny: The Taken King, which includes Destiny, the game's new Taken King expansion and the two previous expansions, The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

Players who buy this bundle will also be upgraded to the digital collector's edition of the game, which comes with a number of in-game goodies like exclusive armor sets, emotes and shaders. More than a few longtime Destiny fans were upset that they would need to buy a collector's edition in order to get the exclusive emotes and items within, so Bungie decided to make all the digital collector's edition content available separately for $20.

For those keeping count, that's a $50 game, two $20 expansions, one $40 expansion and a free upgrade to the collector's edition, with the items within valued at $20. Destiny players on PlayStation also get to enjoy a number of exclusive items and missions that aren't available on the Xbox version of the game (yet). Oh, and you also get that sexy white PlayStation 4 console.

Seems like a great deal, no? The only catch is we don't know exactly how much this bundle will cost, as Sony hasn't yet announced a price point. The original Destiny PS4 bundle retailed for $450. Might this bundle be the same? We will have to wait for confirmation from Sony to find out for sure. No doubt, these consoles will sell out quickly, so be prepared to preorder these bundles fast.

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