Long before you sit down to play the latest video game, before the level designers build it, before the programmers write the code that makes the game work... Someone has to come up with the visual look of the game.

The concept designer does more than just draw or paint imagery of what the game will look like. This artist — and make no mistake, concept design is most definitely an art form — provides visual inspiration for game developers and can even define the emotional tone of the game.

With nothing more than his or her imagination and a little input from game developers, concept designers conjure up stunning works that provide a visual roadmap for game makers to use when building their game. Sometimes concept artists use actual paint and canvases, while some create with digital tools.

For the upcoming game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, an artist working for Eidos Montreal named Frédéric Bennett created some incredible pieces. Lucky for us, he's posted them online at both DeviantArt and ArtStation.

Here's a sampling.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is coming exclusively to new-generation consoles sometime in 2016.

h/t Kotaku

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