This is starting to feel cruel.

Once again, Hello Games has treated us to an incredible trailer that shows off the dazzling visuals and infinite exploration to come in No Man's Land, the developer's PS4 exclusive. It's colorful and mind-boggling, and oh-so-tantalizing. But once more, the trailer ends without a release date.

Every day, No Man's Sky draws a little closer to release, an inch nearer to being on your PlayStation 4 with a controller in your hand. But Hello Games refuses to set a firm release date. It's understandable; No Man's Sky is an insanely complex title, procedurally generating an entire galaxy of stars and worlds to explore, which means there must be a multitude of unforeseen variables to work through on a regular basis. It's a game of an unprecedented scope, so its size alone probably makes predicting a completion date impossible.

But still.

How can they keep toying with our fragile hearts like this? We may be closer to release today than we were yesterday, but every new trailer that arrives without a release date seems to push No Man's Sky further and further away.

This one features several quick cuts through numerous worlds, space flight and combat, and a healthy helping of alien creatures — including a Stegosaurus stampede. We kid you not.

We're hoping and praying (and drooling) for a release date that's before the end of this year. But it's anybody's guess.

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