Days before the expected launch of the upcoming OnePlus 2, a new leak suddenly emerged showing a better glimpse of what to expect in the new flagship.

The leaked images were revealed by none other than Chinese wireless regulator TENAA, and from the looks of it, the new flagship from OnePlus seems to bear a number of the same design features found on its predecessor but also show additional details that confirm the handset's more premium build.

So far, the company has confirmed that the OnePlus 2 will have a fingerprint scanner in tow. Other specs that were already announced include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 chipset, RAM of 4 GB, a USB Type-C port, a battery of 3,300 mAh, dual-SIM capacity and a rear camera of 13 megapixels. The new flagship will also feature the original version's "multi-material" back and will boast of a metal frame to give an added aesthetic appeal.

According to OnePlus, the fingerprint scanner of the next flagship will have a faster sensor than the Touch ID sensor found in Apple's iPhone. However, there's no word yet on where the company intends to place the sensor, although, of course, there are only two choices for its location: either it's in the home button or on the rear panel of the handset.

There's also another leak that reveals the handset's front panel in a white plastic build, along with details on the device's purported dimensions, which measure 148.6 x 71.7 millimeters (5.85 x 2.82 inches). If this is true, it means that the OnePlus 2 flagship will be smaller than its older sibling, which has dimensions of 152.9 x 75.9 millimeters (6.02 x 2.99 inches). In terms of thickness, there's no word yet on whether the OnePlus 2 will be slimmer or thicker than its predecessor's 8.9- millimeter (0.35-inch) build.

With all these exciting features to expect from the upcoming flagship, it will be interesting to know how it will be priced. The original OnePlus One cost $300, and based on the given specs, it's most unlikely that the next flagship will come in a lower price point. Rumors say that the company tipped it to be somewhere between $322 and $450. Whatever the price turns out to be, most potential customers are more concerned with the device's availability and whether or not the company will continue its invite-only scheme with the OnePlus 2.  

OnePlus 2 is slated to be announced in virtual reality on July 27.

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