North Carolina Couple Tries Out Homemade Shark Cages - Made Of PVC Pipes


North Carolina's beaches are known for their shark attacks, but an enterprising couple from Richmond, Virginia, has found a novel way to fend off attacks from these predators - a homemade shark cage.

Before you question what is so unusual about making a shark cage - ever tried making one with PVC pipes?! Scott and Sandi Bergman certainly did and thankfully they were not serious about using the cages!

"Shark bites keeping you high & dry? No problem - Personal Shark Cage. The next wave in personal safety!" says Bergman in a Facebook post accompanying the image of the couple in the DIY shark cages which reads "Greetings from the Outer Banks North Carolina."

On Sunday, July 19, the Bergmans were heading for the waters at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, lugging the PVC pipe-made shark cage contraptions over their heads.

The couple were not serious about going swimming with the sharks, but were on course to film a spoof on swimming safety. Why? To make light of the attention the eight shark attacks that occurred this summer off North Carolina's coast had been warranting. The video would look at the funny side of how people protect themselves and was not intended to make fun of the shark attack victims, as well as other people who go to Kill Devil Hills and noticed their act.

"We went down there to film our spoof video," revealed Bergman. "It was the other people filming us and taking pictures of us that really caught the attention."

However, they were noticed before they entered the waters by a lifeguard and stopped. A video of the incident was snapped up by Jordan Cutrell who posted it on YouTube. She can be heard saying "These people are going swimming in their shark-proof cages. They don't want to get bit."

The video has quickly gone viral on social media as has the photoshopped picture which shows the couple waving from inside the homemade shark cages or what they call the "Block Jaw PSC-One." It is an acronym for "personal safety cage, one made of PVC pipes and steel bolts."

The words "Greetings from the Outer Banks North Carolina" is written on the postcard. The dorsal fin of a shark can be seen in the background.

The Bergmans intend to release the spoof soon and Scott says that the Block Jaw PSC-One will retail for $499.99.

Check out the video of the couple with the make-shift shark cages below.

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