Though your life still probably hasn't been the same since you first laid eyes on the creations from Google's DeepDream visualization tool, things are about to get a whole lot weirder. Google released the code for DeepDream to the public on GitHub earlier this month, and now someone has used that to create a web app that allows you to make any image as trippy as possible.

Dreamscope is "like a DeepDream Instagram," as Wired UK puts it. To use the web app, you simply upload any image, choose one of 16 filters to overlay on top of it and click submit to make your selfies, food porn and vacation photos look just like the monstrosities that Google's DeepDream churns out. You can transform your pics to look like an Impressionist painting, an animal-filled hallucination or like it belongs on the face of a dollar bill.

Also just like Instagram, you can choose to make your photos public or private. The public photos end up in a gallery, which you can also peruse if you're missing some surreality from your life. But be forewarned. There are also some NSFW images in there because it's the Internet, so you might want to leave your Dreamscope adventures for your home computer.

Google first introduced DeepDream back in June in a blog post explaining how this visualization tool works. Basically, DeepDream takes an image and puts it through various layers of artificial neurons that use AI to enhance certain features of the image. Whatever image the system detects, it produces more of, so if a cloud looks like a bird, it will be made to look more like a bird, for example. Because the image looks more like a bird, the system will better recognize it as that animal during its next time around and on and on until a distinct picture of a bird emerges. The system was trained mostly on images of animals, which explains why oftentimes pictures without any animals in them end up looking like they're filled with furry creatures.

Here are some examples of all of the masterpieces you can create with Dreamscope.

Sandro Botticelli's Renaissance masterpiece "The Birth of Venus" is transformed into a surrealist piece of art with the Botanical Dimensions filter.

Jared Leto's Joker from the trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad looks even more psychotic with the Inceptionist Painting filter applied.

Darth Vader and some Stormtroopers behind him get a whimsical makeover with the Self Transforming Machine Elves filter.

Head over to Dreamscope to start creating your own nightmares.

Via Gizmodo

Photo: Clay Gilliland | Flickr

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