If you want a video tour of world history since the dawn of the age of film, you've struck gold: the Associated Press has added more than half a million clips to YouTube.

The uploads, more than 17,000 hours of footage, are split into playlists dictated by relevant and nominal categorization. Topics include Crime; Iconic Moments in History; International Politics, Conflict and Terrorism; Celebrity Stories; Weird and Wacky; Accidents and Natural Disasters; and myriad others.

As of now, AP has roughly 550,000 videos on its YouTube channel, but this will change: according to an introductory video posted on its page, the multinational agency will continue to upload important news highlights of the day, as well as older historical footage.

The earliest video uploaded onto the channel dates back to 1895.


Current iconoclastic, indelible moments available to view include the assasination of JFK, Nelson Mandela's release from prison, the arrest of MLK in Selma, and the destruction of Saddam Hussein's statue after U.S. occupation in 2003.

Individuals can watch and share the videos for free, while organizations are asked to pay to reuse the footage. AP hopes that licensing fees and ads will bring in some major revenue – part of the reason the videos have been made accessible to the public. (Capitalism, amirite? No free lunches here.)

Check out AP's welcome video below.


Via: The Next Web

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