Blizzard announced today the release date of the second expansion for its popular digital collectible card game.

The 30 million or so gamers for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft can expect the next expansion titled The Grand Tournament to be released next month. The new expansion will bring exciting new additions to make your gaming experience more challenging.

The Grand Tournament expansion will include 132 new cards and will introduce the new keyword, "Inspire." According to Blizzard's press release : "Minions with the Inspire keyword have a special ability that can only be activated by using the Hero's Power. This means that Hero Powers now play an even greater role in strategy, as they can be used to inspire some minions to reach their full potential in battle by calling reinforcements, restoring health and much more!"

The new hero power cards include cards like the Maiden of the Lake, which reduces hero power cost to 1, while the Coldarra Drake card allows players to use their hero power any number of times. New spells, weapons, a new map and cards that can change the abilities of your heroes will also be introduced in the upcoming expansion.

The Grand Tournament follows the Goblin vs. Gnomes expansion previously released. In the new expansion, players find themselves participating in the Argent Tournament, where Murlocs, Clockwork Knights and Pirates have also joined to compete for fame and glory.

Lead game designer and director Eric Dodds says that The Grand Tournament expansion will have a sillier take on the tournament event compared to the previous events series fans have come to love.

Starting next week, players can pre-purchase 50 new cards for $49.99 while they await the release of the new expansion for PC, Windows, iOS and Android devices in August. It's good to note that the card packs from the pre-purchase will be kept sealed until the official release of The Grand Tournament expansion.

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