Microsoft is expected to announce the Surface Mini and Surface Pro 3 on May 20 and new information reveals what to expect in terms of price and specs regarding the Surface Pro 3.

When Microsoft announced that it would be holding a Surface event on May 20 in New York City, it was reported that the company would use the event to introduce a stylus-enabled 8-inch Surface Mini. The tablet has been a rumor for quite some time and will allow Microsoft to compete in the small sized tablet arena dominated by Apple's iPad mini. The company will reportedly market the Surface Mini as the best note-taking tablet and to help drive that point home, it will ship the slate with a stylus.

In recent days, there have been reports that Microsoft will not only launch the Surface Mini on May 20, it will also unveil the Surface Pro 3. Some reports claim the tablet will ship with a 12-inch screen instead of the 10.6-inch display the company has used on its previous Surface and Surface Pro series. A new report has uncovered what we can expect the Surface Pro 3 to feature in terms of some of its specs and pricing details.

Windows Phone Central is reporting that Microsoft will make the Surface Pro 3 available in five different configurations with varying pricing:

  • i3-4GB RAM-64GB - $799
  • i5-4GB RAM-128GB - $999
  • i5-8GB RAM-256GB - $1299
  • i7-8GB RAM-256GB - $1549
  • i7-8GB RAM-512GB - $1949

The site also claims that Microsoft will announce redesigned Type covers for the Surface Mini and Surface Pro 3 to fit the new sized displays. The Type covers will be offered in four-color options, black, purple, cyan, and red. The red type covers are believed to be a Microsoft exclusive that will only be sold in the company's retail stores.

We'll be covering Microsoft's Surface event on May 20 and will bring you all the details of what the company announces at the event, so make sure you stay tuned.

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