Microsoft desperately needs a hit tablet device on the market, and the road to this happening could finally begin come May 20 when the company is expected to announce new Surface tablets slated for launch later in the year.

The company hasn't been faring well in the tablet market despite multiple attempts. The Apple iPad continues to shine, while Google is making its presence known with the slow rise of Android tablets. So far, we've seen several tablets based on Windows 8, yet none was able to perform at the standard set by Apple.

Despite the failures, Microsoft is willing to try again with a possible launch of the Surface Pro 3, and Surface Mini running Windows 8 RT. The new devices are expected to have improved performance where processor and battery life are concerned.

Now, what we're saying is based on speculations and rumors. We know for a fact Microsoft is holding a small gathering on May 20, but we have no idea what the company plans to announce. However, numerous leaks have suggested that the long awaited Surface Mini could show its face on May 20, alongside the Surface Pro 3.

Latest reports claim that Intel will be at the event, which could indicate the new Surface Pro 3 could launch with an all new Haswell processor. Then again, Microsoft could surprise us with a Surface Pro 3 device with Intel's Broadwell processor inside. We know that Broadwell production has been delayed, but that doesn't mean it is impossible for Intel to produce a small amount for a single partner.

Surface Pro 3's launch six months after Surface Pro 2 might not sound like a good idea, but if it is, the first device with Broadwell inside, could garner a small success for Microsoft at this moment in time to help put Satya Nadella's Mobile first and cloud first strategy into motion.

Whatever Microsoft announces on Tuesday, the company cannot afford to disappoint. It has been on a roll since the Build 2014 developer conference and has so far appears to be heading in the right direction.

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