With Josh Trank's highly anticipated Fantastic Four reboot out on August 7, New York Magazine has released a fake trailer on YouTube for another, earlier FF rendition: Roger Corman's notorious, campy, so-bad-it's-good take on Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's famous series.

"Superhero movies are too dark. Wouldn't Fantastic Four be better with day-glo VHS insanity?" posits the magazine, just to give you an idea of the hilarious mashup.

A member of the B-movie noblesse, Corman is best known for his acclaimed Edgar Allen Poe cycle and is a champion of both high-brow film and shlock alike. He completed his faithful rendering of the Fantastic Four origin story in 1994, when it was subsequently shelved before release due to a few "backroom deals" and a thwarting by future Marvel exec Avi Arad.

The aesthetics of the movie as a whole are recounted by Den of Geek for those unfamiliar with Corman's proto-flop:

"There's an almost naive charm to this movie... but even had the budget and schedule been more forgiving (the script by Craig J. Nevius and Kevin Rock could have used another draft), The Fantastic Four would have felt like a movie out of time. Its tone is reminiscent of any number of mid-80s Spielberg knock-offs, even boasting an extended Superman: The Movie style extended opening credits sequence (only far less impressive) and by 1994, it would have been a bit of an anachronism.

In the end, the lesson we can all take from this hilarious mashup? Everything is better with day-glo, duh.

Check out the mashup below.


Via: New York Magazine

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