Microsoft's latest console, the Xbox One, was just released at the end of last year. One thing that sets it apart from the Xbox 360 -- Microsoft's previous console -- besides bigger worlds, nicer graphics and better physics, is the file size of games. Many top budget titles are more than 50GB in file size and for anyone embracing digital distribution, such sizes add up quickly.

The console comes with a 500GB internal hard-drive (actually it is said to be 100GB reserved for the OS and about 365GB for users), but it is only good enough to hold about 10-15 of such titles. This is not to mention all the downloadable Indy games, Xbox Live apps and DLC content users will be packing that hard-drive with. So, many users are left wondering what to do in an effort to increase the storage.

However, new evidence suggests that users should be able to add external hard-drive in the future, through firmware updates and increase the available storage. 

A confirmed developer on Reddit, with the username, "XboxOneDev," added a photo of the Xbox one interface with a notification that said, "External Drive: External Drive Ready." Another thing that the photo showed was that the drive was 29.4% full and still had 585.9GB of free space available, which is more than even an empty internal drive would show available to the user.

XboxOneDev did not share when Microsoft will update the OS or firmware and allow users to add additional hard-drives to the console, but he did say, "Soon." The Xbox One has three USB 3.0 ports, which is the most likely way these hard-drives will be supported or attached to the console. It is also still a mystery what the storage limits will be.

Lately, Microsoft wants to make the Xbox One more competitive with the PlayStation 4 by lowering the price or giving customers more options. Microsoft has already decided to offer customers a cheaper version of the console without Kinect. This should attract the gamers who do not care about the cable or TV functionality associated with the Kinect, like gesture controls. This latest move, if true, related to additional storage possibilities, should help the company further with its fan base.

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