There's another reason to get high, at least online. The game app Weed Firm has topped the chart of Apple's App Store in the U.S. on May 19.

Two weeks after its official launch on May 5, Weed Firm gained the number one spot in the games chart at Apple's iTunes, the Manitoba Games developers announced in its official website.

"We are really thankful for all the ideas you guys are sharing, your criticism and most importantly for all your love! We get thousands of emails but we do read every one and are looking forward to introducing some of your excellent ideas into our game. We got to number 1 in the U.S. App store first in the category Games and then in All categories. We are deeply humble and grateful to y'all for making it happen!" the company states.

Weed Firm, or previously called as Weed Farm, is an iPhone game app that, simply put, lets you grow weed and sell it like a real pot, weed or marijuana - call it whatever - dealer. In return, you accumulate the reward of massive wealth. Yes, the challenges in real-life drug dealing are, of course, up ahead: crooked men in uniform, cold-blooded gangsters and horny women.

The main character in the story is Ted Growing, a botany sophomore expelled from school. He inherits a rising weed operation and then expands it. The game app teaches players to grow pot and new varieties and to expand customer base, among others, in order to become the town's biggest pot dealer.

There are some who found Apple's approval of the weed app included in its App Store a little bit odd, considering how Apple apparently observes rigid moral principles. The game app is said to be intended for gamers 17 years old and up, with a warning of suggestive themes surrounding alcohol, drug, tobacco and sex. Others, meanwhile, found it positively good yet addictive, based on various reviews posted online. The game also has in-app purchases, though there's no pressure in doing so.

Research says Weed Firm was also available on many unofficial markets in Android until it was taken out. Although there are a few that still offers the game app, problem is it would require shutting off protection or security option of the device prior to download or installation. Google Play doesn't offer Weed Firm, but it does have Weed Farmer that is very similar. The controversial pot-based app is also said to be similar to the Grand Theft Auto series, which has humorous yet aggressive game approach.

Apparently, there's no stopping these Manitoba guys from growing its weed app, too.

"Later this year, we will be releasing our sequel. Weed Firm 2 will feature updated and improved graphics and gameplay, completely new locations, magic mushrooms, new characters, obviously, and much, much more! We are really excited about Weed Firm 2 and hope you love it as much as we do!" Manitoba developers say.

Weed Firm developers, however, posted a disclaimer saying they don't encourage use or cultivation of marijuana and that the game app is purely fictive, hence must be viewed as such.

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