Cara Delevingne Says She's Playing A Person With Split Personalities In 'Suicide Squad'


Cara Delevingne is promoting Suicide Squad again by revealing more information about what we should expect from the movie when it comes out next summer.

From what the actress had to say, it seems we'd be seeing an extensive look at the origins of Enchantress. Delevingne claimed that her role in Suicide Squad feels as if she's playing two different characters, rightfully so.

"The part I'm playing, I'm actually playing two different parts," Delevingne explained. "The second act is just a dream. I'm playing opposites, a mousey kind of scientist and a crazy, feral witch, which is great. Both sides of my personality, which is nice."

For those who are well-versed with the comics, Enchantress was first a scientist who goes by the name June Moone. In Suicide Squad, she appears to have been in a relationship with Rick Flag before becoming Enchantress.

June Moone only became evil after she was possessed by the Enchantress entity. In a way, it drove her to a state of mental instability. Sometimes she would be her old self, and other times the spirit would take over her entire being. It is easy to see why Moone would lose her mind.

The character has operated as both villain and hero in the comics, and we're suspecting she'll show her villainous side here. The question is how the squad plans to catch the entity since we're guessing Amanda Waller and friends have never seen a person like the Enchantress before.

We say this because in the trailer, Enchantress was never seen walking with the entire group, so it is safe to assume that for a time she was not a member until after the squad was created and its members chosen.

We also haven't seen what her powers will look like, but since David Ayer is the man at the helm, expect a lot of awesomeness and death at the hands of the Enchantress.

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