We've seen what the Joker is like in the first trailer for Suicide Squad and the second trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so what have we learned about the character and how different is he from the first two Jokers to make it to the big screen?

The trailer shows a Joker that is almost different in so many ways when compared to the others. We're not sure what is the reasoning behind the design apart from wanting to differentiate the character from what have been brought to the big screen before.

Here is what we view of Jared Leto's take on the Joker.

He's a gangster:

Clearly he's a gangster who commands his own gang of criminals. After all, he is driving a sweet looking ride, something we have never seen the Joker do before, and from the trailer, he seems to be the one commanding the criminals, who were dressed in mask and shooting up the place.

The Joker could be seen at one point, dressed in a black trench coat, while walking behind a guy dressed in a suit.

He's a psychopath:

Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger's take on the Joker were great. Both characters were crazy in their own right. Nicholson's take was a clown, Ledger's version was a narcissist, and clearly, Leto's take is a sure psychopath from what we have seen in the trailer, a version we have yet to see.

He likely killed Robin:

None of the other Jokers on film have ever killed a Robin, but it is clear from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that this Joker had done just that, and he's just getting started. We suspect the body count in Suicide Squad will be high, and much of it will be due to the fault of the Joker.

He has a Harley Quinn:

Jokers in the past didn't care about having a significant other, especially Heath Ledger's version. But with the DC Cinematic Universe taking shape, the addition of Harley Quinn had to happen, and we are glad it is happening so soon.

We will even get to see her origins in Suicide Squad. And from all indications, she went crazy because of the Joker and some form of shock therapy to the brain.

The best Joker?

That's difficult to say at the moment since we've only seen few glimpses of the Joker. We'd have to see the entire film to make a decision; but it won't be an easy one, we're sure.

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