Google Glass could be damaging to your eyes when worn for hours. This isn't surprising. As a matter of fact, it is expected since we all know that looking at a screen for a long period of time could harm your eyes.

According to Google itself, wearing its Glass augmented device could cause headaches. Bet you didn't expect all these health risks when contemplating whether or not to spend $1,500 on something that costs less than $80 where the build parts are concerned.

Apparently, several Glass users came out complaining that they felt pain while wearing the $1,500 specs, though it is not certain how Google plans to help these people, and how it plans to make sure the consumer version of Glass doesn't pose the same problems.

On Twitter, there were several users complaining of pains due to using Glass:

"Personally, it gives me a headache everytime I wear it. Not to mention, the eye damage all that squinting is likely to cause," says @rohancs.

"VC told me this wk - who'd tried it & knows many people who have - Google Glass actually is not very good at the moment, gives big headaches," according to @ericjackson.

So why does Google Glass hurt the eye?

The display in Glass is placed at the right of the user's field of vision. We don't always turn our eyeballs to look at that section, hence the reason for the headaches and other factors. This issue is truly a pain in the Glass, one that could transform Glass into a failed project for the search company.

After the story broke, Google made the following statement:

"When anyone gets a new pair of glasses or starts wearing them for the first time there is always an adjustment period until people get used to them. For some it's the same with Glass. We encourage Explorers to ease into Glass, just as they would a new pair of glasses. As we note in our Help Center, Glass is designed for micro-interactions, not for staring into the screen, watching Friday night movie marathons or reading 'War and Peace'," according to Google's eye doctor consultant.

Well, that sounds lovely. Purchase our $1,500 high-tech glasses that can only be used for micro-interactions. Use it in other ways and your eyes will hurt, along with your head. Wonderful, just wonderful.

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