Last week, in DC Comics Bombshells #1, we saw a story about Kate Kane, aka Batwoman. However, that story wasn't an origin one, per se, but did show details about Kate's life before she got recruited by Amanda Waller for an as-of-yet undetermined assignment.

This week's issue of Bombshells, though, #2, does go back to the beginning by re-introducing an origin story that most comic book fans are already familiar with: that of an Amazonian princess named Diana, who eventually becomes Wonder Woman.

Bombshells #2 goes all the way back to the beginning to Wonder Woman's first appearance in comic books, as an Amazonian living on Themyscira with her mother and sisters, with no men present there. However, when World War II brings war to the island, via planes equipped with bombs and bullets, Steve Trevor, the first man to ever step foot on Themyscira, crash lands there.

This is the story of Bombshells #2, and although it's a story most are familiar with, it still feels fresh and new, almost as if it's being told for the first time. Perhaps that's because Bombshells is already set during this time period, when Diana becomes Wonder Woman and travels to the world of men, so it just feels right to start her story in this anthology at the beginning.

The writing by Marguerite Bennett is strong again in this issue, which proves a challenge because the story has already been told so many times. However, it's more succinct and to the point than in other tellings, and we immediately see Steve's interest in Diana, as well as her interest in what's happening out in the world, off the island. It's likely this tale will continue in future issues with the contest that results in Diana finally leaving her home to help fight the Nazi evil that's spreading across the world.

The mention of Wagner's music by Steve also plays into the background of the entire story here, and it's hard not to hear "Ride of the Valkyries" in the mind's ear while perusing these panels, especially when it appears in the mind of Steve at the end of the issue.

The artwork by Marguerite Sauvage remains strong in this issue, too, and its vintage feel works well with this particular story, given its setting and history. The strong lines and heavy colors emphasize the time period of the 1940s, although Sauvage's use of reds to show conflict is also interesting. Particularly strong are the panels featuring Steve in the cloudy skies above Themyscira as he battles for his life and the things he believes in.

Bombshells #2 is available now on ComiXology.







Photo credit: DC

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