Much uproar has stirred the news and social media, due to latest deaths of endangered species and killings of wildlife animals.

Wildlife conservationists are getting support from international businesses, in their goal to protect nature's beloved creatures.

Delta Air Lines announced Aug. 3 it is officially banning the worldwide freight shipment of wildlife trophies, effective immediately.

Making it to the list of banned animal trophies are the lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant.

Along with other international shipment lines, Delta decided to ban the transport of animal trophies, following the latest killing of Hwange National Park's Cecil the Lion in Africa by Minnesota dentist and hunting enthusiast Walter Palmer.

Prior to announcing the shipment ban for animal trophies, the Atlanta-based airlines, under its strict acceptance policy, required full compliance with all government regulations covering protected species.

The ban does not stop there.

Delta added that they will also be looking into acceptance policies regarding other hunting trophies, alongside appropriate government agencies and organizations that support legal shipments.

The airlines is the only cargo company based in the US that covers nonstop freight service to South Africa. No reports have been found to reveal how often Delta ships animal trophies, or why it decided to announce the ban of freight of animal trophies.

The South African Airways Cargo, the airfreight division of the South African Airways also lately announced banning the shipment of lion, tiger, rhino and elephant trophies, but lifted the ban just last month. The African airfreight said it is making every effort to adhere to government policies and comply with international laws, while advancing the interests of its company.

Earlier this year in May, the Emirates SkyCargo in Dubai restrained shipment of hunting trophies. Other airlines such as Qatar Airways, Emirates, Quantas Airways, Air France, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Lufhansa, KLM and IAG Cargo.

While Delta Air Lines did not disclose why it decided to ban shipment of animal trophies, UC Irvine economics professor Ian Brueckner said the move is a "public relations victory." 

Photo: Eric Kilby | Flickr

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