It seems that Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games still have some surprises up their sleeves with their upcoming toys-to-life game system, LEGO Dimensions.

We'd already heard about the Starter Pack, which sends Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle on an adventure through fourteen dimensions to try and stop the evil Lord Vortech from ruling the multiverse. There are add-on Level Packs for Back to the Future, The Simpsons, Doctor Who and Portal 2; Team Packs (two characters and their vehicle or weapon) from DC Comics, Jurassic World, Scooby-Doo, and Ninjago; and more than two dozen Fun Packs (one character and his/her vehicle or weapon) featuring characters from all those properties along with Chima and Ghostbusters.

And now, the developers just took the wraps off two major announcements at Gamescom in Germany.

First, there's a fifth Level Pack, and fans are going to love it; it's a theme pack based on Ghostbusters. The Pack itself includes a Peter Venkman playable Minifigure, ECTO-1 and a ghost trap, and of course the add-on game level. Two Fun Packs have been unveiled for Ghostbusters as well: one for Slimer and one for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

(And for those keeping score, that's three new LEGO video game adventures we inadvertently predicted.)

The second announcement is probably the bigger of the two. LEGO Dimensions is incorporating a secondary mode of play called Adventure Worlds, which sound a lot like the hub worlds gamers enjoy in current LEGO video games. Just like the fourteen worlds in the story campaign, there are fourteen Adventure Worlds to play in, with challenges, races, puzzles and all that jazz. These fully open-world environments allow players to explore and play on their own terms, in whatever order or fashion they like.

To access an Adventure World, you need a Minifigure character from that world. Wyldstyle would unlock The LEGO Movie Adventure World, the Doctor unlocks the Doctor Who World, and so on. This means those who own the Starter Pack and all five Level Packs will automatically get the Adventure Worlds for those various properties.

The remaining six Adventure Worlds can be unlocked by buying a pack that includes a character from that World. The Wicked Witch unlocks the Wizard of Oz World, for example. Only one Minifigure is required to unlock a corresponding World, and if there are multiple Minifigs available for that World, any one of them will work.

While you're exploring Adventure Worlds, you'll be guided by a little robot character called X-PO, pronounced like "expo." This helpful 'bot is voiced by Joel McHale. You can check him out and several of the Adventure Worlds in the new trailer, below.

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