Ready or not, according to reports, Freddy Krueger is coming for you once again, giving us another Nightmare on Elm Street.

In a slightly déjà vu like move, New Line Cinema is reportedly working on Freddy Krueger's resurrection once again. Good things, or in this case 'horrible' things, do tend to come in threes after all.

The original 1984 Nightmare on Elm Street, starring Robert Englund, was followed by a highly successful franchise and made into a 2010 remake with Jackie Earle Haley in the main role. Do you remember that movie? No? Apparently, that was the case for most people who saw it.

Despite making a decent profit ($115.6 million worldwide), this 2010 remake was a strangely unimpressive movie that did not manage to garner a big fan base. Not that it drew a lot of haters, it was simply a bit bland and uninspired.

That is why New Line Cinema has apparently decided not to attach a sequel to the 2010 remake but rather to start over once more and get a fresh face for Freddy Krueger (no pun intended) yet again. The plan is likely to start the spinoff of a franchise from a new and more exciting Nightmare on Elm Street reboot.

At this point, there doesn't seem to be a producer yet, at least none has been announced. A writer has reportedly been signed on though, David Leslie Johnson, who also wrote the script for Orphan and is much familiar with the horror genre.

Many fans would love for Robert Englund to return and reclaim the persona of Freddy Krueger once again. Englund really managed to give personality to the epic boogeyman and excelled at infusing his killer nature with humor, not an easy task and not one that Jackie Earle Haley attempted, much to the chagrin of die-hard Freddy fans. We will have to wait and see how events will develop there.

It is very likely in any case that Freddy Krueger will come for us or at least for the teenagers of this world again soon and making dreams unsafe once more.

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