With the anticipated release of the Galaxy Note 5 inching closer as the countdown to the company's Aug. 13 Unpacked Event begins, Samsung has teased the next-gen S Pen stylus for the impending phablet.

In a blog post on Samsung Tomorrow, on Thursday, Aug. 6, the company takes us through the plethora of writing instruments that have been available to humans through the generations such as calligraphy brushes to quills. With technological advancements, how we have evolved from using fountain or ball pens to write to styluses in the present day.

The post waxes eloquent on the abilities of the S Pen since it launched on the original Galaxy Note, to its progression as an indispensable tool for business users, artists and lay people alike. The stylus for the current-gen Galaxy Note 4 is able to simulate tap and swipe gestures, as well as finger touch so that the user need not deploy their fingers at all. The multifunction button on the S Pen also aids shortcut gestures so that one has faster input time.

Samsung goes on to call the fourth-gen S Pen "one of the most technologically advanced pens of all time" and hints that the stylus will only improve with each edition.

The post's timing is no coincidence and ends on the following note, suggesting that come Aug. 13, we could see the fifth-gen S Pen make its debut alongside the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 5.

"The S Pen is already in its fourth edition. It is exciting to consider how it will continue to evolve and improve as time goes on," teases Samsung in the official blog post.

With barely a week to go for Samsung's unpacked event, we will soon know what improvements the S Pen will pack in. It is rumored that the stylus will benefit from an auto-eject feature. Galaxy Note 5 users will possibly need to either give a voice command or draw a basic "shape gesture" which will automatically fuel the S Pen into eject mode.

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