It's hard to believe that it's only one month until the next Apple event. Soon enough we will be introduced to a slew of new Apple products.

The date for the event has not officially been announced, but speculation suggests that it will be on Sept. 9, which would line up with previous Apple event dates.

Of course, the main event is likely to be the introduction of a new iPhone, most likely to be called the iPhone 6s, although there's no official word that it won't be the iPhone 7.

Given the fact that last year's device was a rather large overhaul, it is likely that changes to the iPhone this year will be a little subtler. It is unlikely that we will see any large changes to the design of the iPhone, but we may see other tweaks, especially under the hood.

For example, it is expected that Force Touch, a technology that was first implemented in the new MacBook computer, will be included in the iPhone 6s. This will essentially give users another layer of control over their phones, allowing them to simply touch for one function, and then hard press the display for another. It is unlikely that Apple will put any important menus or options under Force Touch, but it will likely offer access to menus and features that could speed up the user's interaction with their device.

Apart from the Force Touch display, Apple will also implement its latest mobile processor, the A9 processor. It is expected that we will also see an improved camera system, a better LTE chip that offers a faster Internet connection, and other features.

The iPhone has traditionally had a hard time when it comes to battery life, and while the battery itself may not be substantially improved, iOS 9, the operating system running on the iPhone 6s, will include a power-saving mode that could save up to three hours of battery life on the iPhone. Some also suggest that the device will include support for USB-C, which would charge the device much faster. Others say that wireless charging may finally be supported on the iPhone 6s.

Alongside the iPhone 6, there will be a number of other products revealed by Apple at the event. For example, it is expected that Apple will unveil a new Apple TV set-top box, which may even be released with an Internet-based video streaming service.

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