Previously only available to customers in the U.S. and Japan, ZenHub has opened up its services to accounts worldwide. To be billed as ZenHub Enterprises, the new phase of the project management platform is one of the first services to directly integrate with GitHub Enterprise. The two companies have always had a cozy relationship, according to reports.

ZenHub was funded by Axiom Zen and created to eliminate the need for third-party tools for project management so that the central point of focus will be within GitHub. The removal of the need to have multiple applications open "can save engineers about almost one and a half hours of work every day by helping them to make better use of GitHub's features," the company explains.

On the other side of this partnership, GitHub Enterprise was launched in 2011 as a self-hosted version of GitHub - an open code repository for companies and organizations. Companies who used GitHub Enterprise could feel more at ease with their data and open-source codes behind their own firewall security rather than in the cloud. Groups from NBC, Facebook, Sony, Microsoft and others are some of the big-name users of the hosted service of GitHub.

With the ZenHub Enterprise collaboration with GitHub Enterprise, big name I.T. companies are already taking advantage of the tie-up. Ikyu, ICON Health & Fitness, and photo service Imgur are among the first to jump in on the combined services.

Reportedly, ZenHub will charge 30 percent of what customers are already paying for GitHub Enterprise.

The integration of ZenHub into GitHub Enterprise's services will allow engineers to get an overview of all their products from one convenient service, eliminating much of the need to jump back and forth between multiple windows and tools.

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