Apple fans now have another option to get their hands on the Apple Watch. Best Buy just became the first national retailer, aside from Apple, to carry the wearable gadget in its stores.

The Apple Watch will be available online on Best Buy's website or at any of its 100 physical stores all over the country. So if you can't be bothered to reserve an Apple Watch at an Apple store, you can grab one at best Buy on a first-come, first-served basis.

The company plans to have the Apple Watch available in 200 more additional Best Buy stores before the end of the year.

Although all versions of the regular Apple Watch and Sport will be stocked on Best Buy shelves, they will be sold at $.99 higher than Apple Watches in Apple stores. In addition, the luxury, high-end Gold Apple Watch, which retails at $10,000, will not be available.

The availability of the Apple Watch in Best Buy's brick-and-mortar stores makes sense for the big-box technology retailer. Apple has been instrumental in boosting sales for Best Buy, especially during the critical end-of-year holiday gift shopping and sale season.

The Apple Watch has only been made available in its own retail stores since mid-June. Prior to that, Apple only made them purchasable through its website due to more demand than stock. But on Aug. 7, the stock of Apple Watches seems to have finally caught up with the demand, and they were officially made available to purchase from Best Buy.

"Our customers will be able to see, try and buy 16 Apple Watch models -- including Sport and Watch models in both 38mm and 42mm sizes -- and nearly 50 accessories, including watch bands, screen shields, stands, chargers and more," Best Buy said of its new Apple offering.

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