Destiny's new raid, King's Fall, is bigger than Vault of Glass and will, in fact, be Destiny's biggest raid ever. That is what Bungie's community lead DeeJ revealed, among a few other things.

Disappointingly, the last Destiny expansion, House of Wolves, did not come with a new raid. That's why we are even more pumped to finally get one.

The Destiny: The Taken King expansion includes the new raid, King's Fall, which is supposedly something special; let's take a peek at what it will hold:

Players wil get to go up against Oryx, the Taken King himself. Oryx's command ship, the Dreadnaught, is the location for the battles. It comes with a host of story missions, strikes and its own set of bounties.

Dreadnaught, the new destination, is supposedly quite different from everything we know so far. Let DeeJ say it in his own words, since he knows best:

"It's got things like the Court of Oryx, which is a player-instigated public event that pits you against different combinations of different bosses in different scenarios. We're putting a lot more control in the hands of the players to where your Destiny adventure unfolds, and the Dreadnaught is great evidence of a lot of the new things that the team is doing to change the way you play the game, and to change the way it rewards you."

So if you're itching to try your fingers at a new raid: you're in luck. Destiny's new raid promises to be bigger than any other and is filled with exciting new challenges and smart new gimmicks. You will soon get to try the King's Fall raid and see for yourself just how big it is, once The Taken King is released on Sept. 15 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4. Sounds like a fun fall lies ahead.

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