Gauging by the success of its three Galaxy Note phablet generations, it isn’t surprising at all if Samsung is busy digging its hands into the development of a Galaxy Note 4 as rumors have it. The company, however, remains tight-lipped about it.

SamMobile though reported exclusive details about the rumored Galaxy Note 4, coming from its unnamed insiders. It says the company is testing some features for the fourth-generation phablet through its Galaxy S5 device that has Android 4.4.3 (KitKat) as base software.

There are indications that SamMobile is talking about an S5 model that isn’t out commercially. Nevertheless, the Galaxy Note fourth gen will have killer features that will outdo S5, SamMobile sources claim. Features include “Aqua Capture,” “Smart Fingerprint,” “Swipe to launch Motion Launcher” and “Multi Network for Booster.”

Said to be similar to Galaxy S4 Active’s Aqua Mode, the Aqua Capture allows for photo-ops underwater, proving that Note 4 will bring about a more water-resistant feature than the S5.

Multi Network for Booster is likely the same thing with Download Booster of the S5 that merges mobile data connection and Wi-Fi connectivity for faster large file downloads.

Swipe to launch Motion Launcher may also be similar — or even more — to HTC One M8’s Motion Launch feature that lets users wake up the mobile device, launch its camera and many other functions by a simple swipe on the screen if the display is set to off.

Smart Fingerprint of the Galaxy Note 4 might have S5’s finger print sensor functionality and possibly more functions leveled up.

Bigger screen displays and premium camera quality are one of the trademarks of Galaxy Note series, and it isn’t changing that. The Note 4 is rumored to have 5.9-inch to 6-inch display, while the camera is said to be at 20MP.

Research suggests that Samsung Galaxy Note editions are considered the best line-up among the several phablets that came out in markets, which is why fanatics won’t give up the belief that the company is gearing up for a more-sophisticated model of the successful phablet series. For Galaxy Note 3 alone, sales were recorded at more than 12 million mark in three months from its official release.

Now, the rumored rollout of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a few months away from now, if we were to believe earlier insider reports, just in time for the IFA Samsung Unpacked 2014 event in September.

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