A new high tech electronic sleep mask promises to fight jet lag and help users sleep better and wake up naturally. Production is currently being finalized and the device is expected to be available next month.

Sleep masks have become a more popular item than ever, especially for travelers looking to get their share of shut-eye on a train, bus or plane. Manufacturers have come up with all sorts of variants on the mask to increase comfort and eye pressure, but now a new mask is promising to take the concept of the sleep mask to the next level.

A new high tech electronic sleep mask promises to measure an individual's body rhythms and sleep activity in order to help users sleep better. A dedicated app works together with the mask, which measures sleep waves, eye movement, muscle tension, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation. The app then determines individual sleep patterns and offers personalized recommendations.

By determining when a user is in deep REM mode as opposed to periods of lighter sleep, the mask can wake up users at the most opportune time for them to feel refreshed. It does so by using light therapy, with lights built into the mask that simulate dawn and gradually awaken the user. If the light doesn't do the trick, vibration will eventually kick in to give the user an extra nudge.

The mask can also be used to help travelers avoid and cope with jet lag. By entering their current location and destination into the app, the user can prepare to adjust to the new time zone by using the mask.

Kamil Adamczyk, 24, from the Intel Clinic in Warsaw, Poland, designed the device, inspired by his own inability to get good night's sleep, even when he was tired.

"Irregular sleeping times, restlessness, and jet lag are just some of the problems facing professional urban dwellers in the 21st century," says Adamczyk. "The NeuroOn gathers data, and with the help of the native app's algorithms, delivers personalized recommendations to the user that can combat these issues."

Adamczyk said comfort was also an important consideration, since the user wears the mask throughout the night. The $299 device reached its Kickstarter goal in just one day and is set to ship in September.

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