A UK-based company has designed a technology concept for sneakers that would change colors according to the wearer's preferences. The shoes' owner would control the changes via a dedicated app.

Sneakers, trainers or tennis shoes—as different wearers from various regions call them—are a bona fide fashion statement these days. With the growth of streetwear as an acceptable alternative in situations that were previously more formal, paired with a suit for example, sneakers have become an essential element of most people's wardrobe.

Many consumers feel the need to stock up on various colors and designs of shoes in order to match their different outfits, or for various other uses, which still include the pure athletic intentions that sneakers were originally designed for.

Now a sneaker concept has been developed in the UK that could potentially eliminate the need for numerous pairs of sneakers in exchange for just one technologically advanced versatile pair.

"When you buy a single pair of sneakers, you will actually be buying one million pairs," said Rehabstudios, creators of the Shift Sneaker concept that was recently revealed.

Through a combination of high-tech fibers, conductive woven threads, and advanced textiles that simulate LED lights, the color and design of the sneaker can be altered by changing its shape to reflect light in various patterns.

The company envisions dedicated app packs, which the user can select to change the color to match their wardrobe, reflect their athletic performance, or emulate their favorite celebrities. The sneakers would also respond to touch, meaning one could hypothetically click their heels just as Dorothy famously did in The Wizard Of Oz to change the color and design of their shoes.

For now, since the technology is just a concept and not yet available, sneaker owners will have to settle for the next best thing. The popular NikeiD store allows consumers to design their own sneakers on its website, choosing the varying color and style combinations offered. The design is then manufactured by the company in China and shipped to the buyer, who receives the exclusive design they created in about six weeks. That, however, may be a bit longer a wait than just clicking one's heels.

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