Xbox One gamers will soon be able to play their favorite games on the PC, a spokesperson for Microsoft confirmed.

Microsoft is slated to release Windows PC compatibility for its flagship gaming console's controller in the near future, according to a reply to forum discussion about when Microsoft will release the drivers that will make Xbox One playable on a computer without gamers having to go out to buy an extra gamepad.

"Soon. Very soon," is the short and sweet reply of Microsoft spokesperson Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson, on the NeoGAF thread, after one user asked, "Where are those drivers they said they would be putting out for the XB One pad? I'd love a PC branded one that comes with a USB adapter, or some sort of Wi-Fi solution."  

Gamers have long been waiting for Microsoft to create a solution to link the Xbox One controller with the PC, since Microsoft announced in August last year that Xbox One-PC compatibility will be available "sometime in 2014."

Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller is already compatible with the PC, with players being able to connect the gamepads to the computer via a USB port. Wireless 360 controllers using a cryptic signal to connect to the PC are also available, but Microsoft did not release them until nine months after the Xbox 360's launch. The company has already announced that it will be providing support for wired gamepads for the Xbox One, but it is still unclear if it will also offer wireless capabilities like the Xbox 360.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also getting ready to launch its June set of Xbox One updates for gamers who have signed up for preview testing and released detailed patch notes on its private beta forum.

"The 1405 wave contains many exciting features-many of them specifically requested by you! Now you don't have to worry about running out of space, or who that one Gamertag on your Friends list really is. You can sign in automatically without needing Kinect, and you might find the Xbox Store a little brighter on the Home page," writes Microsoft on its private forum.

The updates, which will start rolling out for preview testers on June 24, include the ability to connect two external hard drives for additional storage. You will also be able to choose an account that will be automatically signed in when you turn on your Xbox One. Friends will also be able to show one another their real names, without giving your name away to people you don't want to know.

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