Periscope, the video broadcasting and streaming service that was acquired by Twitter earlier this year, released data regarding its user base, including the fact that is currently has over 10 million registered accounts.

On a blog post released by the Periscope team, it was announced that Periscope surpassed the 10 million mark of registered accounts earlier in the month on Aug. 2. This is an amazing achievement, considering the fact that Periscope only launched over four months ago on March 26.

The blog post also detailed a Time Watched metric through a graph, with the metric being defined as the total amount of time of videos being watched by Periscope's users through live broadcasts on iOS or Android devices. According to the Periscope team, the service's users are watching over 40 years worth of live-streaming video daily.

The team said that the Time Watched metric is what it cares about the most, as the metric is the most reflective of the value that the service has been creating for its users and the rest of the world. Broadcasters measure success through the time that users have watched on their broadcasts, which leads to success for Periscope users that would be receiving higher-quality broadcasts through Periscope. Collectively, the success for broadcasters and users translates to success for Periscope.

The Periscope team also said that the metric is valuable because it is able to capture the viewership of broadcasts on Periscope from outside iOS and Android devices, such as through Currently, the Time Watched metric from is not yet included in the company's overall metric, but the company is working to do so. Once the Time Watched metric from web streams are included, the overall number for Periscope will definitely go up significantly.

The Periscope team also thinks that the Time Watched metric is a better indication of the growth of active users for the service, as the Daily Active Users and Monthly Active Users metric has certain limitations. While these metrics are also tracked, they are not considered as the most important indicators for Periscope's success.

For example, Periscope can drive up its Daily Active Users metric though conventional growth hacks, marketing and viral mechanics, but this would not necessarily lead to a better service for Periscope and to higher success for broadcasters and users.

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