While New Yorkers may opt to drive electric cars to reduce the price of gas they burn from stop-and-go traffic jams, they may run into some trouble when it comes to finally getting to a parking spot. How will they now charge their vehicles?

To solve this problem, Tesla has plans to bring charging stations for its all-electric Model S vehicle in Manhattan parking garages.

According to the New York Times, Tesla will make an announcement on Thursday that will reveal details about a partnership with about two dozen Manhattan parking garages located from Wall Street to 94th Street. The car company will provide participating garages with high-speed 240-volt chargers so that owners can power up their vehicles while they are at work or sightseeing.

"We wanted to move to an urban charging network that meets the needs of those who live in apartments or commute into a big city," Tesla spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson told the Times. "Naturally, Manhattan was the place to try this for the first time."

Owners of Tesla's electric cars will be able to park and charge their Model S cars by the hour, for the day, week or month. However, it will be up to the participating garages to determine how much using the chargers will cost. It's likely that this cost would be added on top of preexisting parking fees.

The company also has plans to expand the amount of participating garages to include more than the approximate two dozen that will be on board.

Tesla previously built these high-power chargers along major highways for those who need a quick recharge to make it to the office or back home; however, unlike its parking garage plan, this electricity is free. It also has plans to bring chargers to restaurants, resorts and parks nationwide.

A Tesla electric car owner told the Times it took two to three days to fully charge his vehicle, plugging it into a wall socket located in the back of his apartment building. The Tesla chargers would fully charge the vehicles in just three to four hours compared with just the half-hour it takes the highway superchargers.

With parking companies like ParkIt and Champion and hotels like the Waldorf Astoria reported to participate, Tesla's charging plan will help New Yorkers without their own garages to recharge their electric cars.

Via: The New York Times

Photo: David van der Mark | Flickr

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