Big Hero 6' Baymax Will Be 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Villain, Game Will Be Set In San Fransokyo


Although there is still no official release date set for Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3), Disney was happy to reveal at the D23 Expo 2015 in Anaheim, California that it has added yet another memorable Disney hero to battle it out with Sora and his crew.

In addition to a tangled world to be explored in the new game, none other than the Big Hero himself, Baymax, will be featured in the upcoming third installment of Kingdom Hearts in his very own world of San Fransokyo as the game's setting.

Tetsuya Nomura’s upcoming role-playing game will continue with events from the Academy Award-winning animated film and the film's producer couldn't be more excited about the addition of Baymax into the game play of KH3.

“Big Hero 6 is such a special film for me and we always made sure that each action sequence had a very special meaning. The themes in Kingdom Hearts and Big Hero 6 match very well. For instance there’s friendship, really important to both stories, and then of course light over darkness,” said Ray Conli.

No other major Kingdom Hearts news was shared at the big D23 Expo, however, as Ray Conli shared in the announcement video that teams in both San Francisco and Tokyo are working hard on creating another “love letter” to the two cities in order to bring the fictional Big Hero 6 city of San Fransokyo to interactive video game life in KH3.

He also added that the inclusion of Big Hero 6 in the Kingdom Hearts universe will not only allow them to create new stories with great action sequences with the newly formed hero team, but also allow audiences to see their favorite Baymax again.

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