The Kingdom Hearts series from Square Enix brilliantly combines different worlds and characters into one game, giving players the best of many worlds. To top that off, game directors Tetsuya Nomura and Tai Yasue recently announced that the new addition to the series Kingdom Hearts Unchained will be released later this year for iOS and Android, giving gamers a lot to look forward to.

"Kingdom Hearts Unchained X" for the smartphone will be quite similar to its browser counterpart, but it will have easier navigation and touchscreen controls. Part of the fun playing this game will be figuring out the differences between the browser and smartphone versions while finding new secrets in the smartphone game. 

"Unchained X" is a prequel to the Kingdom Hearts series and is the first from the series to be developed specifically for smartphone use. For those worried about continuity between stories, Nomura stated that the storyline will be linked directly to "Kingdom Hearts 3," though it will also feature characters that have not appeared in any Kingdom Hearts games. These new characters, such as Alice from "Alice in Wonderland", have important roles in the storyline and will give gamers a deeper appreciation of the series. 

Speaking of new characters and worlds, the development team chose the Disney movie "Tangled" to be one of the first worlds to be included in "Kingdom Hearts 3." The team believes Rapunzel has a uniquely interesting persona and the potential of the character to use her long hair as a weapon can create exciting gameplay scenarios.

Nomura also revealed that the lead character, Sora, will have a new costume. Though he appears a little taller, Nomura assured fans that he is still the same size and still looks like in the previous Kingdom Hearts games.

Though Square Enix has not disclosed the specific dates of release for the game, the developer will reveal more information at the D23 event later this year.

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