Comic book fans and gamers share plenty of common ground, so it makes perfect sense for comic publisher Valiant Entertainment to look at the world's most popular gaming console as a means of cross-promotion. What better way to cross-promote than to offer PlayStation 4 themes featuring some of Valiant Entertainment's biggest heroes?

The new Valiant universe themes from The Powell Group are available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 and feature a number of Valiant's most popular heroes like Bloodshot, Shadowman, X-O Manowar and more. Each theme features great comic art that has helped make Valiant's comic universe so endearing.

"Valiant is constantly striving to reach new fans through new and exciting outlets," said Russell A. Brown, Valiant's President of Consumer Products, Promotions & Ad Sales in a press release. "Through our partnership with The Powell Group, Valiant's diverse lineup of characters are now leaping off the comic page to the PS4 screen, showcasing the brilliant artwork that has helped catapult Valiant to become one of the leading publishers in comics today. We are thrilled to introduce the Valiant Universe to an entirely new medium with The Powell Group's new themes."

Valiant themes on Sony's PlayStation consoles also make perfect sense considering the upcoming partnership with Sony Pictures and Valiant Entertainment on a Valiant cinematic universe. First up will be films in 2017 based on nano-bot infused action hero Bloodshot and the superpowered team of teens seen in Valiant's Harbinger comics. The current plan is for each film to receive a sequel before building towards a movie based on the "Harbinger Wars" comic event in which Bloodshot and the Renegades from Harbinger come into conflict.

Fans of Valiant comics will definitely want to check out the theme for their favorite character. Even if gamers have never read one of Valiant's books before, the themes look just as cool without any greater context as well. You'll be able to download them starting today via the PlayStation Store.

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