Pendleton Ward, creator of the cartoon series Adventure Time, is known for occasionally shaking up his Twitter account by sharing new games and adopting new personas. And now, he's shared his interest in virtual reality by posting some illustrations depicting the technology on his Twitter account.

Ward, who can be found on Twitter by the handle @buenothebear, recently changed his name and avatar to reflect a fake VR news channel. Now known as '+! VR INFORMER ¡+', Ward began sharing the illustrations last week, filling his timeline up with depictions of virtual reality being used in real life.

His first VR drawing was inspired by videos that featured Oculus Rift being rigged on a pole so that people can walk through life via the virtual world.

Ward then decided to just keep the VR illustrations coming, even mentioning Sixense STEM, the wireless motion detection platofrm for virutal gaming.

Then others starting drawing and sharing their own artworks about VR, including former Nintendo designer Ko Takeuchi.

Ward's sketches show that he has a pulse on the latest VR developments. He shares his thoughts about the technology with commentary saying that it could be a bit nerdy, like in the depiction of his character tilting Oculus down his nose to "look cool," and that it could kill the current way gamers play (like on consoles) in the death of the character illustration.

We can only hope he keeps the VR-related content coming.

And of course, this is not the first time the Adventure Time creator filled his timeline up with strange content. Last year, he illustrated a game called Quest Attack, in which random players got to choose actions which were then drawn by Ward. 

Via: The Next Web

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