A German news outlet has snatched an exclusive look at the filming of Captain America: Civil War. The movie is currently filming at the local airport in Leipzig, where a sharp-eyed photographer managed to snap a photo at just the right moment of actors Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in action.

The image shows their characters, the Winter Soldier (aka Bucky Barnes) and Falcon (aka Sam Wilson) on the run. Whether they're running to or from something is anybody's guess. What's significant about the picture is that these two former enemies appear to be working side-by-side.

It's not an implausible notion. Captain America: The Winter Soldier revealed that Cap's best friend Bucky Barnes had been captured by Hydra back in the 40s, and brainwashed into becoming one of the criminal organization's most lethal assassins. They stuck him in suspended animation when his skills weren't needed, allowing him to remain more or less the same age that he was when Steve Rogers knew him back in the day.

At the end of that movie, Bucky's memories began to return as he took his first steps toward recovery. By the time we catch up with him in Civil War, it's very possible that he's remembered who he is and is fighting alongside Captain America's team in the idealogical conflict against Iron Man. These two men are Steve's best friends, so it's a no-brainer that they'd both maintain that loyalty.

The German news outlet noted that Leipzig Airport's check-in area will remain closed to the public for filming through Friday of this week. An enormous Airbus is being used by the production as well. Scarlett Johansson was scheduled to arrive on set in Berlin today.

Captain America: Civil War, aka Avengers 2.5, is due in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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