Directed by Ridley Scott, the space action film The Martian follows the story of a Mars expedition that goes wrong when bad weather causes a team of astronauts to abort their mission.

In the first teaser for the film, we got to see Matt Damon's character, astronaut Mark Watney, get lost in space.

Watney is reported dead after he fails to make it back to the station, but wakes up on Martian soil to find he was left behind. Very much alive, Watney is then able to successfully send a message to his crew, and they decide to attempt a rescue mission against NASA's orders.

And now we get to watch Damon get stranded in space yet again in the official trailer that was just released on Wednesday.

The official trailer for The Martian shows just how action-packed the film is, along with some beautiful images of Mars and the Earth from space. We also get more looks at how serious that storm was that made the team abort their mission, along with the struggles Watney faces when left to his own devices with limited supplies.

"I guarantee you that at some point everything's going to go south on you," Damon's character says in the opening on the new trailer, "You're going to say, 'This is it.' "

We also get to see some emotional moments from Damon as he goes on a personal survival mission while he waits to be rescued.

Also starring Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Michael Pena, Kate Mara and Donald Glover, The Martian will hit theaters Oct. 2.

Watch Matt Damon getting stranding in space in The Martian's official trailer below.

Photo: 20th Century Fox | YouTube

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