Samsung Is Reportedly Working On Galaxy O Series Of Virtual Reality-Focused Smartphones With Oculus Rift


Samsung, known to be the biggest smartphone maker in the world, is rumored to add another series to its existing lineup of smartphones.

Recent rumors say that Samsung plans to launch a new series of smartphones and that it also plans to unveil the new models before the year ends. Based on the report, the new series will be named Samsung Galaxy O. Allegedly, the two new models to be included in the series are currently codenamed as SM-G550 and SM-G600. The new phones will then be more commercially known as Galaxy O5 and Galaxy O7 respectively when they launch.

According to analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, the new line of smartphones from Samsung could be the result of its collaboration with Oculus Rift. If this is the case, it can therefore be assumed that the Samsung Galaxy O lineup may be focused more on virtual reality.

"We believe Oculus in combination with Samsung could either launch a new phone series for VR as they are rumored to be releasing the O Series or, alternatively (but unlikely), it could be an all in one wireless VR headset," Munster says. "Potential advantages for stepping away from phones to an all in one headset are: custom screens with higher resolution, custom GPU and custom optics."

In 2014, Samsung started to use a more improved way of assigning a series name to its new or soon to be launched smartphones. The Galaxy maker usually creates a new series that is named after the letters of the alphabet. Currently, Samsung has five smartphone series to date. These include Galaxy A, Galaxy E, Galaxy J, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. In other words, the alleged Galaxy O series, if plans push through, will definitely add to the list and make it a total ofsix smartphone series.

But while Samsung may be a true believer of the old adage "the more, the merrier," there are a number of consumers who believe that the company should control the number of smartphones that it releases in every year.

Nothing much can be said about the upcoming smartphones as far as specs and features are concerned. The only speculation is that the Galaxy O5 may be designed with a 5-inch display while the Galaxy O7 will be bigger with its 5.5-inch display.

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