Never a week went by without us seeing another leak of alleged mock-ups, dummies and schematics of Apple's rumored iPhone 6 expected to be released sometime this fall. The latest in the long line of weekly leaks? Apple has reinforced security to prevent further leaks from spilling out.

Well-known Apple leaker Sonny Dickson spilled the beans Friday on his Twitter account, saying Apple has around 200 security officers in China to go after those who are trying to leak iPhone 6 parts even before Apple's newest flagship phone was announced.

"Fact, Apple had asked Chinese authorities to catch those who are trying to leak i6," he posted on Twitter. "There are about 200 security officers trying to catch those who dare to sell i6 accessories."

But Dickson later took to his blog to say that his tweet was misunderstood, explaining that the security officers were involved in one specific raid in a Chinese black market that sells smuggled iPhone 6 parts and other devices.

"Apple may have had a role in this raid, since Apple have the ability to track all serials & activations between HK and China,"  wrote Dickson.

Leaks of unannounced technology devices are often intentional to help companies gauge public interest on the device and make changes on the design according to the reactions raised on the leaks. Apple, however, is notoriously mum on all things happening within the company, including and most especially about its latest products.

That doesn't mean, however, that the leakers have stopped divulging Apple's alleged secrets. The latest pieces of information that have come out of the cracks include a photos of a smooth, white back case for the iPhone 6 and another image of a back panel with a cut-out for the Apple logo.

The first image comes from a Korean news website Joseilbo that shows pictures of an iPhone 6 that veers away from the rumors that have cropped up so far. The photos show the back of the phone with a smooth, white design with no segmented breaks at the top or bottom as shown in previous pictures. The photo also shows a pill-shaped LED flash similar to the True Tone LED flash in the iPhone 5s instead of the round flash previous leaks have shown.

But Australian blog Mac Fixit released another photo of what it purports to be the rear panel of the iPhone 6 covered in a protective green film. The photo shows the back panel with the circular flash, clearly segmented breaks for the antenna and a cut-out for the Apple logo, which not one of the previous leaks has shown.

"We just received from our contact in China a photo of what seems to be the back of the iPhone 6. We believe the picture to be genuine as we have previously received leaked product pics in the past from the same source that have also proven to be legitimate after official Apple product launches," as per the blog post on Mac Fixit.

As for the legitimacy of these leaks, we can't vouch for any until Apple officially announces the long-rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6 this August, followed by a 5.5-inch phablet version later in the year.  

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