WWDC 2014: Here's what Apple might unveil next week


The Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple, which will be the company's first major event since October, will begin on June 2.

The conference, which will last for a whole week, will begin with a much-anticipated two-hour keynote that has rumors swirling about what exactly the speech will contain.

Possibly headlining the keynote are announcements on Apple's operating systems Mac OS X and iOS.

The Mac OS X, which will be releasing version 10.10, will be undergoing a major overhaul in design, similar to what the iOS went through for version 7. While the two operating systems will not look the same, the changes in OS X will make them look more harmonious. In addition, moving away from OS X's named after felines, future OS X's will be named after places in California, and the operating system's new name will likely be announced.

The iOS, on the other hand, will most likely have no major changes in store with iOS 8 as the iOS 7 was already a huge overhaul. The rumored biggest addition to the iOS, however, is the Healthbook, which is an app that works like Passbook in consolidating health and fitness apps and the data that they collect. Apple will also likely make improvements in Apple Maps in the form of transit directions, and Siri is also rumored to gain the ability to identify a song that it hears. 

The conference will also be the first chance for Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives to discuss the company's $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics and Beats Music, including how Apple intends to incorporate Beats into their operating systems.

There are also rumors the Apple will unveil a new home automation system at the conference. The company reportedly developed the system in response to news that rival Google is working on a similar home automation API after their purchase of Nest. Releasing a home automation system first, and getting more product makers onboard, will allow Apple to become the leader in a burgeoning but very lucrative industry.

As for new hardware, it is reported that WWDC this year will mostly focus on Apple's software and developers, so chances of Apple unveiling new products this week at the conference are slim to none. In addition, Apple has never made a major new product announcement in previous WWDCs.

There are more possible news to be announced and topics to be discussed in Apple's keynote speech on Monday, with rumors sure to continue to swirl until the actual event itself begins.

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