You can relax, people. It happened.

The inevitable "let's use Super Mario Maker to remake a well-known game" trend has begun, and already reached its apex. That's right: Flappy Bird now exists in Super Mario Maker form.

It's kind of ironic when you think about it. Flappy Bird famously used Mario's iconic green pipes as the primary obstacles in its levels, so now the "ripoff" game has been ripped off. By the game it ripped off.

What a world, right?

YouTube channel MythosOfPlaying is behind the Flappy Bird level, and it documented the entire process. The Super Mario Maker player shows off a high-speed recording of his work on the level, and narrates it as well. The only catch is that the video's in German — aside from the occasional English interjection, which may give you a few chuckles.

At least there's plenty to look at. Watching the player work his way through adding each individual detail of his relatively short level is fascinating stuff. Even small levels can take a while to tweak and get just right in Super Mario Maker, yet it never seems like hard work. And you don't have to speak German to hear how much fun the narrator/maker is having.

Here's the video.

Super Mario Maker releases on Sept. 11 for Wii U.

Via: Polygon

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