There is plenty to do in Super Mario Marker. Whether it's playing the dozens of pre-made levels that ship with the game or making your own, the game should keep Nintendo fans busy.

It might also keep them busy hunting Easter eggs. As shown in a video from GameXplain, Super Mario Maker's title screen features a number of interactive secrets.

Using the Wii U's tablet controller, players can poke various elements of the game's interactive start screen to see what happens. Tap the word "Super" in the title and stars burst out. Each letter of the words "Mario Maker" also holds a secret.

Tap the "M" in Mario and watch it spin upside down to form a "W" — followed by the voice of Mario's evil doppleganger Wario. The "A" in "Maker" transforms into a rocket upon being touched, and the "K" changes to look like an old film. Select the "R" in "Maker" to spawn Mario's stalwart dinosaur companion Yoshi.

Finding these secrets isn't hard by any means. Just about any kid playing around with the Wii U tablet was bound to stumble upon them. That's part of the charm, though. Everything is interactive and up for play. Just the fact that they're included at all is a fun little distraction.

Mario isn't the only famous character who will appear in Super Mario Maker, either. Thanks to the game's amiibo support, players can transform Mario into Sonic, Link, Samus and other iconic game characters for some fish-out-of-water scenarios.

Super Mario Maker releases for the Wii U on September 11, 2015. You can read more about the game's pre-made levels here, which includes a level crafted by Rayman creator Michel Ancel.

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